About Us - Delicies de Deus

About Us

Who we are ?

Deliciesdedeus is a company dedicated to the import and wholesale and retail distribution of natural and traditional national and imported beverages and liquors.

Mission and Vision

Values: In our organization we handle a cordial, kind, gentle, polite and patient treatment, both to the members of the company and to our clients and other people.

Teamwork: We maintain a work environment where collaboration, solidarity and permanent communication prevail. We support individual performance that contributes to the fulfillment of the goals of our organization.

Leadership: We have a senior management team, efficient and capable of meeting the objectives set for the benefit of the organization, its shareholders, members and customers.

Responsibility: We are committed to developing and building a better society. We support initiatives that allow growth, both at the work and personal level of the members of our organization.

Honesty: We promote the truth as a fundamental tool to generate trust and credibility both to the members of our organization and to our clients.

Opportunity: We believe in our people and we offer the possibility of growth both professionally and commercially, generating the members of our organization opportunities to increase their income.